Fall 2016

Here's a recap of some of my favorite images from fall 2016. I had an amazing time seeing familiar families and meeting new ones. Thanks to those who participated in mini-sessions. With a portion of all fall family sessions donated, we were able to raise over 600$ for Pierce's Project at Novant Hospital-Pierce's Project serves families of micro-preemies and critically ill infants during every stage of their NICU journey. For more information on Pierce's Project, visit http://www.piercesproject.com/ 



I think seven months is the perfect time for baby photos. Your baby is usually confidently sitting up by this time and there is so much animation in their face. Also, could this little guy and his doggy be any cuter? 


It was such an honor to photograph our friends with their new little one. It's surreal to think we have known each other for over ten years, since before marriage and children. It may have been snowing outside but their home was so warm, full of love. 


Nicole is an amazing photographer based out of Belmont, NC  (visit her blog here:    http://nicolerogersphotography.com/blog/)

And so I was incredibly honored when she contacted me to take photos of her family at their quaint home. It was a blue sky North Carolina day and the early morning sun rose over their small town to provide us with some beautiful shadows. This family was so natural together and their love for each other shines through every image.


Sometimes, I do headshots...And this past week, I had an amazing time with Lindsay, who leads Pierce's Project (to find out more about Pierce's Project visit www.piercesproject.com). Together, we drove around Plaza Midwood and found some incredible locations. I know this sweet mama is going to do amazing things in this world- can't wait to see where she takes her next project. 


Two of our dear friends welcomed an amazing new life into their world just after the holidays. They'd been on this journey for some time, but it all came perfectly together in God's timing. And Baby V, aside from being one of the most beautiful and bright eyed newborns, will find herself surrounded by a most loving and beautiful family. 


When Amy contacted me about a January maternity and family session, I could never have imagined we would see this much green so deep into winter. This hidden park has become of my favorite places to shoot in Charlotte- it reminds me of The Secret Garden. I loved spending some time with Amy and her beautiful family of three. I can't wait to meet their new baby girl this February!


I am far too behind on my blogging to catch up like I should. It was a busy fall and holiday.

Each year, I make a commitment to donate a portion of fall minis to a meaningful cause. In all, over 500 dollars were donated to Tidewell Hospice in Bradenton, FL. My father, who passed away this past June, was a long time volunteer of Tidewell Hospice-all donated monies went to their Music and Memory Program, which brings music into the hearts of those who suffer from memory loss and terminal illness. For more information on music and memory, visit- http://musicandmemory.org/

I met so many amazingly kind families who welcomed me in to this special season in their lives. Here are some of my favorite images from the fall. 



As photographers, it can be easy to get caught up in booking every ounce of free time in October and devoting it entirely to photography. I feel that it's also so important during the busiest time of year to make time to spend time with my family, who has supported my dreams from the start. This was one of my most memorable days with my son and my husband- we shared breakfast at one of my favorite cafes, played outside, read books, and just took a moment to pause. I put my camera down for most of the day- but here's a few photos I couldn't resist taking. 

James Vine Collage.jpg


I love visiting home and seeing things now through different eyes. Photography has taught me to discover beautiful pockets of light, tiny areas of my hometown that are like hidden gems before and provide a beautiful and natural backdrop to family sessions. I hope to meet new families each time I go home. Let me know if you are interested in booking a Florida session in the future.


Sometimes you have a session that speaks to the type of photography you really want to do- and the type of families you really love to meet. Sweet baby M's parents were incredible. Mom is a yoga instructor and dad is a stellar musician. There is no doubt she will grow into an amazing girl with these two helping to guide her.