When I took my first photography class eight years ago, I was a classroom teacher. I loved the work that a local photography museum was doing in our schools to allow students to tell their story through photographs with donated cameras. I taught ESL and many of the students spoke little, if any English, but there was a beauty to their story that they wanted to share.  So the teacher became the learner and I enrolled in class at that same museum to learn how to tell my own story.  Over the next few years, I continued my education, took my camera everywhere and shot whatever I could. After the birth of our sweet son in 2014, I changed gears with my focus and starting viewing the world through a mother's eyes. What did I want remembered about this time in his life? What kind of images would communicate his personality and our love for him? And so, focusing primarily on family lifestyle photography, my aim became not only to take a snapshot of a family but also to to capture genuine life and love for one another- to tell the the story of their family just as they are in that moment.